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EB Advanced Image

With EB Advanced Image block, you can showcase your brand image in an astonishing manner with versatile styles and hover effects. This responsive block from Essential Blocks can also help you to boost user engagement and increase pique their interest.

Follow this step-by-step guide to display interactive images With EB Advanced Image in Gutenberg.

How To Activate EB Advanced Image Block?   #

First, install and activate Essential Blocks for the Gutenberg plugin into your WordPress dashboard. Essential blocks come with modular control which gives you the freedom to enable only using blocks. 

To activate EB Advanced Image block, navigate to Essential Blocks → Blocks. Then, toggle to enable this ‘Advanced Image’ block. After that, click on the ‘Save’ button. 

Advanced Image

How To Insert Advanced Image Block In Gutenberg? #

Now open a new page or existing page from the WordPress dashboard. Press the ‘+’ icon, type ‘Advanced Image’, and just click on the block. It will successfully appear on your main editing page.

Advanced Image

General #

Navigate to the Block→ General tab, under this tab you can customize your image Style between 6 styles and apply Hover Effect on the respective image. You can also Auto Fit your image and enable any additional link you prefer.

Advanced Image

Style #

To configure your Image Settings, navigate to Style→Image Settings. Under this tab, you can change your border between Normal & Hover style also you can adjust the offset, blur, shadow spread, etc under the Border Shadow option. 

Advanced Image

Advanced #

To configure the advanced settings of this block navigate to Block→Advanced. From there you can change the Margin & Padding of your image for proper placement. Under the Background tab, you can upload any picture you want. 

You can also choose between the Normal or Hover effect for your image as well as apply 8 Border Styles and versatile Box Shadow option to make your block beautiful. 

EB Advanced Image

Final Outcome #

By following these simple steps you can easily style and customize your EB Advanced Image block in Gutenberg. 

Advanced Image

This is how to design and configure an EB Advanced Image block in Gutenberg easily. 

Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

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