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Woo Product Carousel

Elevate your WooCommerce page with Woo Product Carousel. Choose from four captivating layouts & customize image sizes, effortlessly enhancing the visual appeal of your products for an engaging shopping experience.

Woo Product Carousel
Woo Product Carousel

Limitless Content Customization


Responsive Preview Controls


Infinite Styling Possibilities


45+ Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Easy Guide To Configure Woo Product Carousel

Preset 1 With Overlay Effect

Unleash the allure of your products with Preset 1 and its captivating overlay effect, enhancing the visual impact of your Woo product slider

Preset 2 With Carousel Effect

Experience the dynamic charm of mesmerizing carousel effect in the slider. Enjoy seamless animations, autoplay, & adjustable animation speeds for a captivating shopping journey

Preset 3 Showing Product Details

Unveil the essence of your products by showcasing enticing product details such as ratings, prices, and sales badges, & engaging customers with valuable information

Showcasing Popular Products With Preset 4

Highlight your top products by showcasing popular items in Woo product slider, ensuring maximum visibility & driving customer engagement to boost sales

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