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Advanced Navigation

Design a stunning menu in Gutenberg with the best navigation experience using Essential Blocks Advanced Navigation. You can also style and customize menu appearance to make it more impressive.

Advanced Navigation
essential blocks advanced navigation

Limitless Content Customization


Responsive Preview Controls


Infinite Styling Possibilities


45+ Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Guide To Create Advanced Navigation Menu

Advanced Navigation Preset 1

Using Preset 1 of the block, you can add borders & give your menu a simple & classy look. You can customize the active text color, border color, etc of the menu easily

Advanced Navigation Preset 2

With Preset 2, you can give the navigation menu a vibrant look where you can change the bar color, active background colors of the navigation item, dropdown menu & more

Advanced Navigation Preset 3

Using Essential Blocks Advanced Navigation Preset 3, you can highlight the active items from the navigation menu by changing the text colors, and background colors in an impressive way

Advanced Navigation Preset 4

With Essential Blocks Advanced Navigation Preset 4, you can add dividers to highlight the menu items separately and customize the divider colors of the menu and dropdown menu easily

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