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Data Table

With the EB Data Table block, you can present a large set of important data elegantly and in a user-friendly manner on your website. This super useful block offers seamless customization options to create visually stunning tables.

Data Table
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Quick Tutorial To Learn How To Use EB Data Table

Data Table With A Highlighted Even Column

Effortlessly showcase important data in a beautifully structured and customizable format with the EB Data Table and highlight all even column.

Data Table With Highlighted Even Row & Pagination

Add pagination and highlight even rows to allow visitors easily navigate through the table and transform raw data into visually appealing insights.

Effective Search Bar With Data Table

Deliver an immersive data browsing experience with an advanced search bar and present data in a way that improves user experience.

Customized Data Table

Take control of your data presentation and customize the design with the feature-rich block to add details as needed stunningly.

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