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User Interface Design 4 Rules

User Interface Design: 4 Rules You Must Need To Know

Imagine you came across a website that left you with a lasting impression. When a website’s navigation and overall user interface design leave a positive impression on your mind, you are more likely to visit that website again. If you want your users to have a positive user experience, you must follow certain website design rules. Let’s learn more below!

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best WordPress FAQ Plugins

5 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins For Your Store In 2023

If you want to create a FAQ section for your store this year 2023, then this blog is only for you. You will get all the 5 best WordPress FAQ plugins for your store to improve your website user experience right away. What are you waiting for? Take a deep dive into this blog and know all details!

best WordPress FAQ Plugins

FAQ is all about frequently asked questions by customers. If you are selling products or services, your user will be there to ask some random questions or common questions very frequently. 

If you just list them up and showcase the appropriate answers on your website, you can then save both end times and make them satisfied instantly. So to reduce this hassle popular WordPress FAQ plugins have been introduced to scale your work without any hassles. 

5 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins For Your Store In 2023

The purpose of WordPress FAQ plugins is to make it simple to add FAQ sections to pages, format them correctly, and display them on your website. To make your all struggle with WordPress FAQ plugins smooth, let’s help you get the best WordPress faq plugins for your store right away. Take a look below: 


best WordPress FAQ Plugins

BetterDocs is the best WordPress knowledge base plugin with 30K+ active installs to create your knowledge base, documentation, and FAQs instantly without coding. It helps you manage, track and analyze your complete knowledge base platform using all advanced features in WordPress. You can create both external and internal knowledge base sites, evaluate your audience response with in-built analytics, and a lot more to explore.   

Exclusive Features Of BetterDocs 

Ultimate FAQ

best WordPress FAQ Plugins

With Ultimate FAQ, you can quickly and easily add FAQs to any page of your WordPress website. Any site can use the responsive accordion display, which offers a wonderful FAQ user experience across all devices.

Exclusive Features Of Ultimate FAQ

  • Create unlimited FAQs, FAQs categories, and tags
  • Compatible with Gutenberg blocks to display your FAQs anywhere
  • Comes with FAQ shortcodes for extra flexibility & lot more. 

Quick and Easy FAQs

best WordPress FAQ Plugins

The Quick and Easy FAQs plugin comes with a faster and easy way to add FAQs using a custom post type. Also, help you to display those FAQs in Gutenberg Blocks or shortcodes. 

Exclusive Features Of Quick and Easy FAQs

  • Quickly add FAQs with FAQ custom post type.
  • Show FAQs in simple list style, accordion style, or toggle style.
  • Display FAQs in groups, filterable groups, and many more. 

Echo Knowledge Base

Echo Knowledge Base helps you to create an online self-service knowledge Base, technical documentation, articles, or FAQs with their predefined layouts and styles. This documentation plugin gets 10K+ active installs and is fully compatible with any type of theme. 

Exclusive Features Of Echo Knowledge Base

  • The free Help Dialog plugin offers a chatbot and shows FAQs, searches, and a contact form.
  • Flexible, easy-to-use knowledge base plugin that comes with ready-to-use professional designs.
  • Compatible with any theme with a simple visual editor, no coding is required & more.


best WordPress FAQ Plugins

BasePress is another powerful knowledge base plugin to create wikis, documentation databases, public or private support hubs, faqs, and more. You can easily create multiple knowledge bases for your separate products and services and more.

Exclusive Features Of BasePress 

  • Easy to use and flexible plugin to create a professional documentation site, faqs, and more.
  • Create many independent knowledge bases & keeps your content organized 
  • Serves targeted answers to your customers to save time.
  • Adapts to all devices, is compatible with any WordPress theme, and is SEO-friendly.  

Get The Best WordPress FAQ Plugin & Manage Your Store Now!

As you have gotten an idea about the latest top 5 best WordPress FAQ plugins to Showcase your customers’ random queries answer and ensure your customer satisfaction right away. You can now easily decide which FAQ plugin can help you in vast and will be appropriate for your store environment. 

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Freelancer Portfolio Using WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

How To Create A Freelancer Portfolio Using WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

Freelancer portfolio websites should be interactive so that clients can at a glance understand your work and get attached. It has to be appealing and organized. In that case, ready templates are best for designing any type of website or portfolio website without coding with ease. 

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Best 7 Gutenberg Templates & Themes For WooCommerce

Best 7 Gutenberg Templates & Themes For WooCommerce

There might be hundreds of Gutenberg template libraries available for WordPress users, but when it comes to WooCommerce, very few are functional with a user-friendly design. To get the upper hand in selecting the Gutenberg templates for WooCommerce, we are going to present the ultimate source of templates best suited for you to get started with your online business. Let’s dive in and explore it all. 

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5 WooCommerce Friendly Gutenberg Themes

5 WooCommerce Friendly Gutenberg Themes For Your Online Store

Want to know the WooCommerce friendly Gutenberg themes to design your eCommerce website? If yes, then this blog is only for you. Take a look at all the 5 WooCommerce friendly Gutenberg themes to decorate your eCommerce site without coding. So stay tuned till the end and know all details!

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Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

How To Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates [Get FREE Access]

If you are looking to create your portfolio website with Gutenberg, then this blog is only for you. A portfolio website is essential to display your creative works, experiences, and all details beautifully to attract clients or employers. In the latest trend, digital evidence of your own work creates great value among your target audience. Freelance or personal portfolio websites help you build your own brand value beautifully.

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

Many people struggle when it comes to designing their own portfolio website in Gutenberg. As Gutenberg is all about adding and managing blocks, you have to be very tactical. Don’t worry; here in this blog, you are going to get the best possible ready portfolio website templates to create personal portfolio websites without coding and for free. Excited? Take a deep dive into this blog to know all the details!  

Why Should You Create A Personal Portfolio Website?

If you are already in the pace or you are planning to create your personal portfolio website with Gutenberg templates, let’s first know the major benefits you can enjoy having a portfolio website and what not. Get all details below: 

Help You Build Strong Brand Value 

Creating your portfolio website can help your presence in the digital world. People can find you through their searches and check out all your creative works in one place. This makes your professional ability more credible among your target audiences. A portfolio builds one brand value and identity with proof. 

Drag Customers’ Attention With  Ease

The way you represent your creative works, skills, your present customer’s opinion, and all can help you draw potential customers or employers’ attention with ease. You don’t have to do any extra affront after designing an informative, detailed, and interactive portfolio website. 

Top Rank On Search Engines & Boost Traffic

Last but not least, you should focus on your website content, link, design, and overall promotion to make your portfolio website rank top on search engines. This will help you make your portfolio on your target audience’s fingertip and level up your traffic effortlessly. 

Best Ways To Create Your Personal Portfolio Website In Gutenberg 

As you know why you should focus on creating a personal portfolio website, now check out all the best ways to build your portfolio website in Gutenberg. Check out all details below: 

Design A Stunning Landing Page 

A stunning portfolio website is all about making your landing page impressive no matter what. You should develop interactive taglines, engaging visuals, text content, and graphics to make a standout landing page. This will help you increase your website engagement and conversion right away.  

Showcase Your Expertise Beautifully

Another important part is you have to display your expertise beautifully and in detail on your personal portfolio website. It should be highlighted on the landing page, and a separate page can be managed to showcase all your unique works to grab your customer’s attention. 

SEO-Friendly & Responsive Design 

You can quickly get ready, SEO-friendly, and responsive templates to make your personal portfolio website available to your target audience finger-tip on different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This can only happen with fast speed, lightweight, keyword-rich content, including high volume internal-external links with others to create a search engine-friendly website right away.

How To Create A Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates 

Now that you have known about the importance of creating a portfolio website, the best ways, and all. Let’s now figure out how to create a personal portfolio website with Gutenberg templates and without coding.  

Best Portfolio Website Templates Pack For Gutenberg

To make your WordPress website creation smooth, Templately  – the best templates cloud for WordPress has come with 2000+ ready templates collection for Gutenberg and Elementor users. Not only a portfolio, but you can also get a variety of templates to design any type of website. And to create a portfolio website, there are several portfolio templates are highlighted below:      

Technophile – Tech Freelancer Portfolio Template For Gutenberg

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

Technophile is a responsive, SEO-friendly, lightweight website templates pack for WordPress. This portfolio template pack with Gutenberg is specially built for freelancers in the IT sector or tech business. Expect this; you can create portfolios for IT freelancers, web developers, product designers, UI/UX designers, and others. It comes with five ready pages and offers a complete customization option.  

EleFolio – Portfolio Website Template

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

EleFolio is considered one of the stunning portfolio website designs. That offers versatility and eye-catching portfolio templates to highlight your product designs, app developments, web designs, music, photography, and more. It comes with six attractive ready landing pages and offers complete customization options. 

Michael – Gutenberg Minimalist Portfolio Template

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

Michael is another unique portfolio website template with the latest minimalist landing page design. You can easily customize and style it in advance. It helps you create freelance portfolio websites for product design, app development, marketing, or other types. 

CV Yoda – Modern Resume Template For Gutenberg

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

CV Yoda lets you design a modern, appealing and responsive CV website template with Gutenberg. It helps you create a stunning resume landing page to showcase your portfolio in Gutenberg without coding. This is a fast-loading CV or portfolio website template to impressively showcase your skills, experience, and all information. 

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If you want to create a portfolio website with Templately-ready templates, you need to install and activate some necessary plugins on your site. So here are the plugins that you need for your CV or portfolio website.

👉 Templately

Templately is the ultimate template cloud with 200,000+ active users. For this tutorial, we’ve picked Technophile, a stunning ready portfolio website templates pack to design an attractive personal portfolio website without coding.

👉Essential Blocks For Gutenberg

Essential Blocks for Gutenberg is a powerful WordPress plugin that comes up with 30+ ready functional blocks to create and design a stunning website in Gutenberg.

Once you install and activate all the plugins, you are all set to start designing your personal portfolio website.

How To Create a Stunning personal portfolio Website Using Ready Gutenberg Templates

After you have installed and activated the plugins mentioned above, it’s time to start working on creating and designing the website now. To make the website, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Create A New Page On Your WordPress Website

To design a personal portfolio website, you must first create a new page from your WordPress dashboard. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Pages → Add New. You will find yourself in the default Gutenberg editing panel of WordPress. 

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

Step 2: Insert A Template For Your Portfolio Website

You will find the ‘Templately’ blue icon on the page. Click on it to get access to the Templately template library. 

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

In the tutorial, we have chosen ‘Technophile’ to create your portfolio website. From the search bar, search “Technophile” and you will find a stunning ready personal portfolio template pack for your website. Insert it into your page by clicking on the ‘Insert’ icon

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

Step 3: Customize The Template To Design Your Website

Click on the home page template, you want to customize, and the editing panel will be opened instantly. Now make all the necessary changes and give your website the desired look. 

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

Step 4: Store Your Customized Designs In Templately MyCloud

Templately has an amazing feature for storing your customized templates in Templately cloud storage “My Cloud”. You can store the template there for further use. A handy feature that allows you to store templates in a cloud storage place that no other Template Libraries offer. 

If you want to use your customized page for other purposes, you can save those easily. Right-click on the section you want to save and then click on the ‘Save Page To Templately’.

Create Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

On top of that, if you want to share your saved items with others, then you can use Templately’s other exclusive and super helpful feature ‘WorkSpace’. This unique and compelling feature lets you directly collaborate with others and save a lot of time.

Congratulations, Your Personal Website Is Ready To Launch!

After making all the changes, your CV or portfolio website is ready to launch. Just click on the ‘Publish’ button and check out all the changes you have made in your Gutenberg Editor.

Personal Portfolio Website With Gutenberg Templates

So now make your website building plan by Signing up to Templately and getting access to Templately’s stunning ready template collections. Let us know your experience by commenting below. Other than this, if you face any problem or need instant help, you can feel free to contact our support team anytime you want or join our friendly Facebook Community

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes To Create Your Next Website

Are you looking for the best WordPress Gutenberg themes to create your website? If yes, then this blog is only for you. Get all the best 5 WordPress Gutenberg themes to make a stunning website without coding. Now you don’t have to look around anywhere for solutions, just by reading this blog till the end, you can get your ultimate ready solution. 

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes

To make an impressive blog website or any type of website in Gutenberg Editor without coding, proper ready themes can be a blessing. All you have to do is just choose the right one that matches your site environment.

Also, ready Gutenberg themes can help non-coders or someone who doesn’t have enough support to create a website from scratch or through a website developer. Startup businesses, content marketers, or any enthusiasts can get help using ready WordPress Gutenberg themes

In every case, you have to know the best WordPress Gutenberg themes, features that you can make an effective comparison with, and more. To know all details take a deep dive into this blog.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing WordPress Gutenberg Themes?

When you are determined to create a stunning website with WordPress Gutenberg themes, you have to consider several things. Take a look below: 

  • Responsive, lightweight, flexible, and fast-loading Gutenberg themes to go with. 
  • Full customization facility & versatile design to build any type of WordPress site. 
  • Cloud support is one of the exclusive things to take into consideration. 
  • Make sure ready themes are SEO optimized, feature-rich, and more.

These are the basic factors that you should take into consideration before choosing any WordPress Gutenberg themes. So once you start, you know what are the advantages, flaws and where you have to focus more. 

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes To Create Your Next Website

Without any introduction, now let’s get started directly on the topic. Below you can check and choose the best WordPress Gutenberg themes for creating your website and all details. 

Twenty Twenty-One Gutenberg Theme 

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes

Twenty Twenty-One default Gutenberg theme is one of the latest and most popular ones to design any kind like portfolio, business website, or personal blog site. It comes with new block patterns that allow you to create a beautiful layout just within some moments, and without coding. You can customize the look the way you want and make your WordPress site stunning. 

Key Features of Twenty Twenty-One Gutenberg Theme 

  • Responsive, flexible, and user-friendly to create a stunning website. 
  • New pattern blocks are included to design any type of website. 
  • Customization facility to change the theme outlook the way you want. 

Templately: WordPress Templates Cloud for Gutenberg 

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes

Templately is the best templates cloud for WordPress that provides Gutenberg-friendly, SEO-optimized themes to create any kind of website just like that. You don’t need to add any code, just install and modify a bit with your desire. That’s it, anytime you can make your website like. It comes with modern, responsive, and lightweight Gutenberg theme designs to make blog sites, marketing agencies, eCommerce, and a lot more. 

Key Features Of Templately Gutenberg Templates

  • Complete ready Gutenberg themes with a full customization facility. 
  • Get cloud support to save your designs to create a backup. 
  • Collaborate with your team using cloud workspace support.  
Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes

OceanWP is another popular theme that is flexible, lightweight, and highly extendable. You can create almost any type of websites like a blog, portfolio, business website, WooCommerce storefront, or any without coding. It’s a responsive, fast, and translation-ready template to look at. Also can enjoy the freedom of creating a stunning WordPress website to increase your conversion and more. 

Key Features Of OceanWP Gutenberg Theme 

  • Create a beautiful & professional design right away. 
  • Very fast, responsive, RTL & translation ready and SEO optimized. 
  • Get full customization facility and fully compatible with Gutenberg.   

PopularFX WordPress Gutenberg Themes 

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes

PopularFX is an advanced WordPress Gutenberg theme to look at. It’s a completely lightweight theme to make any kind of impressive website. You will get 100+ ready template designs to make your dream website without coding. Also can enjoy the customization facility to make any design fit with the website environment just like that. 

Key Features Of PopularFX Gutenberg Theme 

  • Get 100+ ready template designs & get started right away. 
  • Responsive, lightweight & flexible to design a stunning website. 
  • All-powerful & advanced blocks are included to create each ready design.

Kadence Lightweight Gutenberg Theme

Best 5 WordPress Gutenberg Themes

Kadence is a full-featured, lightweight WordPress Gutenberg theme to go with. You can easily make fast-loading and accessible websites like eCommerce websites, course websites, business websites, and more. Get a drag and drop header, footer builder, a full library of stunning templates to revamp your website design the way you want. 

Key Features Of Kadence Gutenberg Theme 

  • Lightweight, feature-rich, and flexible to make any kind of website. 
  • Get a full customization facility with global font and color controls. 
  • Extensive integration with the most popular 3rd party plugins. 

Choose The Best WordPress Gutenberg Theme & Start 

Hope you find this blog helpful to create your own website using the best WordPress Gutenberg theme and without coding. Let us know your experience by commenting below. 

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Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins For WordPress

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins For WordPress

If you are using WordPress default Gutenberg Editor for managing your posts or pages, then you have to be aware of the best Gutenberg plugins you should go with. This is all for creating, designing, and organizing your entire WordPress site without coding and in a hassle-free way. 

But for that, you have to be clear about your goals, the key features you are looking for, and which Gutenberg solutions are completely compatible with your website. Don’t you worry! This blog is all about providing the top 10 best Gutenberg plugins for WordPress. Let’s get started! 

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins For WordPress

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress 

When you are selecting any Gutenberg plugins for your WordPress site, you have to know about the advanced features and customization facility that they provide through blocks. Make sure to check first and then pick the right one for your website. Take a look below to know all the details. 

1. Essential Blocks – Powerful Gutenberg Blocks Library

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Essential Blocks is the ultimate Gutenberg blocks library for WordPress users. You will get 25+ powerful block elements that are absolutely free. Also if you want you can use any of its blocks without installing the whole plugin. So with ease, you can design a complete WordPress site, and make your posts, pages wonderful without coding and hassles. 

Key Features To Look At Essential Blocks

  • Get 25+ powerful blocks and a full customization facility. 
  • Comes with a Blocks control option to enable or disable any block, anytime. 
  • Each block is lightweight, flexible, fast loading & more. 

2. SchedulePress – Best Content Scheduling Solution For Gutenberg

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

SchedulePress is the best content management solution for WordPress users. You can plan and schedule your Gutenberg site blog content, posts in an organized manner using this all-in-one solution. SchedulePress comes with an advanced schedule calendar, auto-scheduler, manual scheduler, missed schedule handler, auto-social sharing facility, ready social share templates, and more. It’s completely compatible with WordPress Gutenberg Editor. If you want to use all the exclusive features of SchedulePress then you should have to get any of its premium plans and start right away. 

Key Features To Look At ShedulePress

  • Auto, manual & missed schedule handler to organize your entire website content.
  • Advanced Editorial Calendar to schedule, unschedule or organize content.  
  • Share content automatically using ready social templates on multiple social channels.
  • Manage multiple authors from one place and keep track. 
  • Query optimization to reduce load time & make it faster. 
  • Send email alerts to authors about blog status, and many more to look at. 

3. Contact Form By WPForms – Drag & Drop Form Builder For 

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Contact Form By WPForms comes with a complete drag & drop form builder for Gutenberg Editor. You can create a fully-functional contact form on your website using this advanced Gutenberg plugin and make the changes the way you want. You can get free and premium versions available to facilitate both types of users. 

Key Features To Look At Contact Form By WPForms

  • Easy drag & drop facility to create a stunning contact form. 
  • Collect leads and act accordingly using this form builder. 
  • Advanced features and functions to manage your contact form and many more.

4. BetterDocs – Powerful Knowledge Base Blocks For Gutenberg

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

BetterDocs is the best knowledge base solution for WordPress users. You can get three exclusive knowledge base blocks for WordPress Gutenberg Editor to create and showcase your online documentation and customize the look. You can now manage a fully functional knowledge base platform the way you want. You can use these three ready blocks completely free for WordPress Gutenberg users. 

Key Features To Look At BetterDocs

  1. Comes with BetterDocs Category Grid, BetterDocs Category Grid & BetterDocs Search Form.  
  2. Create and manage a complete online documentation page or showcase anywhere on your site. 
  3. User-friendly, responsive, and offers full customization facility to design an advanced knowledge base site, and many more.

5. Map Block For Google Maps – Include Google Map In Gutenberg

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Map Block For Google Maps is one of the popular Gutenberg plugins to embed Google Map on your WordPress site. You can insert and manage your Google Map on the Gutenberg site the way you want. This will help your users to help your site visitors know where your business stands physically and add credibility. 

Key Features To Look At Map Block For Google Maps

  • Simply just use the API key and showcase your Google Map right away. 
  • Organize your Google Map look configuring the block settings. 
  • User-friendly, lightweight, and flexible to manage. 

6. Templately – Ready Gutenberg Templates Cloud

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Templately ready Gutenberg & Elementor template cloud to facilitate WordPress users. You can now get lots of ready templates that come with an in-built theme to make a beautiful website in WordPress. No need to add any codes, just install, do a little customization if you want, and make it publish right away. 

Besides, Templately comes with a cloud storage and workspace facility to save your all ready designs other clouds. And make it accessible for your desired team or members anytime using the Templately WorkSpace facility with lots more to look at. 

Key Features To Look At Templately 

  • Ready template designs for WordPress Gutenberg users. 
  • Without coding, customize the design the way you want. 
  • Save templates on the cloud or collaborate with a team using cloud workspace, and a lot more. 
Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Create and manage an interactive image gallery in Gutenberg without coding with ​​NextGEN Gallery Gutenberg plugin. You can batch upload photos, import metadata, add/delete/rearrange/sort photos, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums with a lot more to organize your photo gallery the way you want. If you want you can customize the gallery content and manage it accordingly. Get both free and premium versions to use advanced features. 

  • Complete galley management system to organize your Gutenberg photo gallery. 
  • Get three gallery styles and two album styles to change the outlook. 
  • User-friendly, flexible, and easy-to-use to facilitate Gutenberg users. 

8. EmbedPress – Best Embedding Solution For Gutenberg

Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

EmbedPress best embedding solution comes for Gutenberg Editor to embed content from more than 100+ resources just with one click. Embed any video, audio, music, text, pdf content just using the link from your desired sources using the best Gutenberg plugins. If you want you can embed Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, Spotify, Google Packages, and many other sources of content and customize the look a bit. 

Key Features To Look At EmbedPress

  • Embed content from more than 100+ resources without coding, just with one click. 
  • Customization options to change the outlook of your embedding content. 
  • Get custom branding, custom document branding with a logo, Call To Action button, and more.

Now It’s Your Turn To Explore!

Hope you find this blog helpful to choose the best Gutenberg plugins for your WordPress site and enhance your customer experience right away. If you want to share your thoughts, don’t forget to comment below.

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