How To Sync Patterns Across Sites [Multiple Ways]

Imagine having the freedom to create and reuse your block patterns effortlessly on your WordPress site; sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Well, in August 2023, Gutenberg introduced the sync patterns feature, allowing you to seamlessly create and sync your designs across different places, pages, or posts on the website whenever you want. Let us dive into the details and explore various solutions to leverage synced patterns across multiple places. So, without further ado, let us get started! 

How To Sync Patterns Across Sites [Multiple Ways]

What Are The Synced Block Patterns In WordPress? [All Details]

A block pattern is similar to a collection of building blocks, such as a Title, Image, and Button block that you can make with the Gutenberg editor for WordPress. Once this block set has been saved using the ‘Create Pattern’ option, you will be able to synchronize these blocks so that they can be used again on other pages, posts, and other custom post kinds on your website. Here some of the information that should be highlighted is marked below:

  • Synced Block Pattern is as simple as turning on a switch. Any modifications you make to this design will be automatically reflected anywhere you have used it on your website if you decide to sync it.
  • A Gutenberg block now functions similarly to a WordPress content editor’s container. It can display embedded content, media, text, and widgets. It is useful for structuring content and modifying the appearance of your website and article.
  • Before WordPress version 6.3, WordPress came with something called Reusable blocks, which have now been renamed ‘Synced Patterns’. You can find them in the block inserter under the ‘Synced Patterns’ tab or in the Site Editor under the ‘Patterns’ menu.
  • Since WordPress 6.3, even Template parts have become patterns. You can locate them in the Site Editor under Appearance > Editor in the ‘Patterns’ menu. It is all about making it easier for you to create and manage your site’s content or design.

[Guide] How To Sync Patterns Across WordPress Website [Multiple Ways]

Sync Block Patterns

You can create a pattern or use ready patterns for your website design and sync those patterns easily across the site. These synced patterns can be used in multiple ways. Below we have mentioned the two most relevant ways you can use your synced block patterns anywhere on your WordPress site.

Method 1: Sync Block Patterns on Gutenberg Editor 

Now whatever pattern you may want to save as sync block patterns, simply just click the pattern and hit the ‘Options’ section on top. Click the ‘Create Pattern’ section add the naming and choose the ‘Categories’. They are the ‘Synced’ pattern option that has automatically been selected. After configuring everything, you just need to hit the Create button. 

Sync Block Patterns WordPress

Afterward, you have to click on the ‘Patterns’ option on your Gutenberg Editor and choose All Patterns > Synced. 

 synced patterns WordPress

This is how you can get all the synced block patterns that you have saved and can use these sync patterns anywhere you want on your Gutenberg Editor.  

Method 2: Sync Block Patterns In WordPress Site Editor

You can also manage all your block patterns in the WordPress Site Editor. Just click on the Appearance > Editor menu > Patterns. These are divided into two distinct categories: ‘Synced’ and ‘Not synced’.

synced patterns WordPress Full Site Editor

Afterward, you can hit the three little dots below your block pattern so you can rename it, duplicate it, or delete it. If you want to modify the content, click on your required pattern, and anytime make the changes.  

Bonus Tip: Get Templately To Use Exclusive Block Patterns & Sync Them with Ease

Now Sync Patterns Across WordPress Site! 

As we wrap up this blog, it is evident that the introduction of synced patterns in WordPress has revolutionized how we create and manage website design. With the ability to effortlessly reuse and synchronize block patterns, designing intricate layouts becomes a breeze. The user-friendly interface, coupled with the option to customize and sync patterns across various publications, adds a new level of flexibility.

Whether you are a seasoned WordPress user or just starting, the transition from reusable blocks to synced patterns in version 6.3 marks a significant enhancement. The streamlined approach to handling block patterns, coupled with the convenience of bulk actions, empowers users to take control of their site’s design effortlessly.
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