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copy and paste styles

Ever wished you could simply copy and paste styles of Gutenberg blocks with just a few clicks? For website designers who create multiple sites every day, repeating the same designs and customizations can be very tedious. But not to worry anymore, because to help you increase your efficiency in web designing, we will help you find the perfect solutions in this blog. 

copy and paste style

The Benefits Of Copying Block Styles In Web Designing

Web designers spend a lot of time customizing each section of the websites or templates that they create to match brand colors and aesthetics. Sometimes, they may have to repeat the same design or same styles on blocks across the entire website page or page multiple times. It not only takes up a lot of time but may also result in a clumsy finish. 

copy and paste style

But imagine if a web designer, like you, could simply design one Gutenberg block completely and just copy its style and paste it to all the other blocks that needed the same modifications? Copying the block styles will instantly enhance your designing efficiency, your user experience, and ultimately the final web design will turn out much better than usual. 

And so, with this blog, we have looked at several possible solutions and found the top 3 WordPress plugins that can help you instantly copy and paste styles on Gutenberg with a few clicks.  

The Top 3 Plugins That Lets You Copy & Paste Styles Easily

Below, we have listed the top 3 plugins that bring you the outstanding facilities to copy and paste the block styles in Gutenberg. And the list holds both free and premium solutions for all your website needs – from copying the styles of single Gutenberg blocks to duplicating the block styles for multiple ones. You are sure to find the perfect plugin that you need. Take a look at our ultimate list below: 

🧱 Use Gutentor To Copy Block Style In The Easiest Way

copy and paste style

First up on our list, we bring you Gutentor, a page builder for Gutenberg. It comes with many advanced Gutenberg blocks making it easy for users to create professional and elegant websites on WordPress with ease. But what sets it apart is its advanced facilities to copy and paste styles of a block.

It does not matter if you are just a beginner designing your very first WordPress website or a seasoned professional in web designing. This amazing tool makes it easy to copy block style (suppose, Button A) from any section of your page, and paste it to the same block (Button B) in another section. And it is at the very top of our list because Gutentor not only lets you copy and paste styles of any block in just a couple of clicks, but does not require you to use any line of coding

All you have to do is click on the toolbar of a Gutenberg block and click on the ‘Copy Styles’ option as shown above. Then you simply need to go to the block you want to display in the same style and click on the ‘Paste Styles’ following the same procedure. This process just transfers the style of the block regardless of content inside the block which gives the same design of that block in a different section. 

copy and paste style
Source: Gutentor

And the best part? It does not matter if the block was created using Gutentor or not. As long as the plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress, you can copy the styles of any block you want. 

🧱 Copy Block Styles In A Single Click With Qubely 

copy and paste style

Next up on our list of plugins that help to instantly copy and paste styles of Gutenberg blocks is Qubely. This is another Gutenberg solution that offers you custom blocks and advanced features. 

And just like Gutentor, this amazing plugin offers outstanding facilities to copy and paste styles for any Gutenberg block created by Qubely. When you have already styled and customized a block the way you want, simply right-click on the block. A drop-down menu will appear offering you the options to ‘Copy Style’ and ‘Paste Style’

copy and paste style

Initially, the ‘Paste Style’ option remained disabled but once you add another block on your Gutenberg editor, you can right-click on the new block and paste the copied style of the one before. The new block will instantly take the style, customizations, and design of the previous one. 

copy and paste style

However, there is a catch when it comes to using Qubely to copy and paste styles of Gutenberg blocks – you can only duplicate the styles of those blocks that are created using Qubely only. This feature will not appear for other Gutenberg blocks (regardless of built-in blocks or added with other plugins). So creating your web content with this advanced plugin is a must if you want to increase your design efficiency using the steps mentioned right above.

🧱 Duplicate The Style Of Single Or Multiple Blocks With Stackable

copy and paste style

But we also have a solution for that. Finally on our list, we have the plugin for Gutenberg editor, Stackable. It brings you one of its premium features called ‘Copy Paste Styles’ that lets you, as you can already tell, copy and paste styles of Gutenberg blocks. 

But the best part of the Stackable plugin is that it lets you paste your copied style on even multi-block sections. And you can do so across browsers and web pages with complete ease! 

💡 To Copy And Paste The Style Of Just A Single Block: 

Simply select the block you want to copy the style off of, and navigate to the block’s toolbar where you will find the ‘Copy and Paste Styles’ button. Then choose ‘Copy Styles’.

copy and paste styles
Source: Stackable

Then select the block you want to paste your styles onto, then click on the ‘Copy and Paste Styles’ toolbar button again. But this time, you need to choose the option ‘Paste Styles’.

copy and paste style
Source: Stackable

💡 To Copy And Paste The Style Of Multiple Blocks: 

To apply the same style across multiple blocks, you need to click on one of the said blocks, hold down the shift key and click on another block to select them all at the same time.

Then, to paste the style across all of the selected blocks, click on the ‘More’ option from the toolbar and then hit the ‘Paste Styles’ option. 

copy and paste style
Source: Stackable

Design Your Web Page On Gutenberg With Complete Ease

And with that, we want to conclude our list of the plugins and solutions that help you instantly copy and paste the styles of Gutenberg blocks with ease. Try any of them and let us know of your experience by commenting below; you will not be disappointed. 

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