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Typing Text For Gutenberg

Imagine if you can add some fancy and interactive texts to your website content? It would instantly make your blogs stand apart from the rest of the competitors in the market that displays nothing but regular, boring fonts and typography. This is where Essential Blocks comes in, with a cool block named Typing Text for Gutenberg that brings you awesome typewriter effects, adds some flair to your text, and makes your content more engaging.

Typing Text For Gutenberg

Why Do You Need To Use Typing Text For Gutenberg?

By using a Typing Text block, you can easily amaze your visitors by adding fancy and interactive typing effects and thus add a playful vibe to your site content. This effect can fulfill many purposes such as making your content more engaging, adding call-to-action features in all the necessary positions, and so much more. 

⭐ By adding the Typing Text block to your site, you can break the monotonous look of your website content. Also, typing effect texts look attractive that they can easily grab visitors’ attention.

⭐ To make your site content more interactive and dynamic, it is a very good approach to add typing text effects. It can showcase many informative data in a small area so that viewers can easily get a lot of information without any scrolling and interruption, instantly boosting user experiences and engagement on your website. 

⭐ As we just mentioned, using Typing Text block in Gutenberg helps to boost engagement rates on your site as it can easily grab viewers’ attention and keep them on your site for longer. That way, it reduces the bounce rate because visitors feel interested to stay and view the whole content. 

Introducing Typing Text Block From Essential Blocks For Gutenberg

Now you know why you need to use the typing text effect for your site. So let’s introduce you to one of the most popular blocks libraries for adding typing text effects in Gutenberg: Essential Blocks.

Essential Blocks is a free WordPress plugin specially designed for the Gutenberg editor. It powers up this editor with its 30+ amazing ready blocks for different features. The featured blocks allow a broad range of customization options to its users. 

One of these stunning blocks is Typing Text which helps to create an interactive typing text section on your site. The Typing Text block is very handy and easy to use for any WordPress user who prefers to create content on the Gutenberg Block editor.

Typing Text For Gutenberg

Easy 3 Steps Guide To Create Typing Text Effects In Gutenberg

It’s very simple to make a cool typing text section with only 3 easy steps. Before using Essential Blocks (EB) Typing Text on your website, make sure that you are using Gutenberg editor on your WordPress site. 

Now, let’s have a look below to know how quickly and easily you can create content with EB Typing Text block on your WordPress website using Gutenberg editor. Or you can check this documentation

Step 1: Install And Activate Essential Blocks

Login into your WordPress admin panel. From the dashboard, go to Plugin and then click on ‘Add New’. In the search bar, search for Essential Blocks for Gutenberg. Install the plugin and then activate it, as shown below. 

Typing Text For Gutenberg: Create An Interactive Website For Website Visitors [2023]

Step 2: Insert The Typing Text Block In Gutenberg

Now, from the dashboard, open a page or post where you want to use the Typing Text block. After opening it, click on the ‘+’ sign of the section where you want to place the block and from the search bar, find the Typing Text block, as shown below.

Typing Text For Gutenberg

Step 3: Configure The Content Settings

To configure the content settings, click on the block. From the Block setting panel, you can customize general settings and also style your content. From the General tab, you can update multiple aspects of the block making your website much more interesting than ever before – you will be able to configure the Prefix Text, Typed Text, Suffix Text, etc. You can also fix the loop, speed, delay, etc of your typing text. 

Typing Text For Gutenberg

You can fully customize the style of your Typing Text from the Style tab. You can resize the Typing Text Box, can add Border, Shadow, etc. Also can color your texts and can add a background, and give a personalized look that matches your business’ brand image. 

Typing Text For Gutenberg

Once all your customization has been done, you can check the preview of your content. If you are satisfied, then click on the ‘PUBLISH’ button to make your content public. After publishing, you can see your content like below. 

Typing Text For Gutenberg

Tips: Display Your Contents Using Different Typing Text Styles

Adding the Typing Text block with typewriter effects to chunks of your text can help engage visitors and keep them interested in reading further. You can style this section with the huge customization option of Essential Blocks for Gutenberg. Let’s have a look below.

Styling By Modifying Typing Text Box

In the Style setting panel, you will get an option to edit the Typing Text Box, and as we have already mentioned, it brings you full customization powers. By modifying Margin and Padding, you can fix the position of the Typing Text. You can add Border and modify the Border Style, Color, Width, Radius, etc.

Typing Text For Gutenberg

Styling By Modifying Test Color And Typography

You can change the text style types from the Style settings panel. If you add any Prefix or Suffix Text, then you will get three types of Style setting options available on the panel.

You can modify all these three parts separately with the Typing Text block. For each part, you will get two options: Color and Typography. From the Color section, you can change the text color according to your choice. 

Typing Text For Gutenberg

In the Typography section, you will get many options such as Font Family, Font Weight, Font Style, Text Transform, Text Decoration, Letter Spacing, Line Height, etc. You can change these options, and create amazing texts. Using these options, you can create various types of styles for your content. 

Use Typing Text And Break The Monotonous Look Of Your Site

Typing Text is a great option to showcase your Focus Words amazingly in a small place that attracts visitors in a moment. To set up the position and the content of Typing Text cleverly can fulfill your purpose very well. 

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